How to receive help from the Xena Fund

To receive help from the Xena Fund, the procedures are simple.

The Xena Fund supports pets and their owners in two ways. 

First, the Xena Fund reimburses Veterinarians for their emergency care for your pet.  Therefore, if you are in any type of financial need, have your vet call the Xena Fund at (305) 432-0494.  We rely on the vet's recommendation to help in the care of the pet.

The Xena Fund makes one-time grants payable directly to the vet for your pet's care.

Secondly, the Xena Fund will help those pet owners who are on a fixed income.  If you are on a fixed income, the Xena Fund will pay for annual visits to the vet and any preventative medications and annual vaccinations.

If you fall into this category, let your veterinarian know of your situation.  The vet will know of our policy to reimburse them for their annual visit care.

You will be required to sign a form requesting help for your pet.

Please remember when calling the Xena Fund:

  • Speak Clearly for the answering machine

  • Leave your name, phone number, your pet's name and the best time to be reached

  • Leave your vet's name and phone number


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